The Man With The Shiny Shoes runs an illegal brothel full of kidnapped women forced into sex slavery. His biggest client? The Governor. Our heroine Lila meets a violent end but narrates her story about how she got into this mess in the first place.

    There’s still hope for Lila’s soulmate Felice, as a passionate policeman is determined to find the girl. He even teams up with Alex Malinova, leader of a gang of misfit criminals, who want nothing else than to escape State 51’s hopelessness. One more score is all Alex needs, but this last job brings her closer to the one man she’d like to stay away from: her uncle, The Man With The Shiny Shoes.

    The Man With The Shiny Shoes (end fifties)

    We only get to see his shoes, but it’s enough to get a true feeling of his evil persona. Even more sadistic than his brother Rusty, The Man With The Shiny Shoes does not like to get his hands dirty, but he runs one of the biggest criminal enterprises in State 51. His connections help, they lead as far as The Governor.


    Lila Jeanne Margarita (30)

    A stunning platinum blonde damsel in distress waiting for her white knight. The pure image of innocence, but her eyes scream revolution.

    Raised by her abusive mother. A naïve and romantic person, who falls in love with the wrong criminal, the brother of The Man With The Shiny Shoes.

    Felice (18)

    A gorgeous ginger who can twist every man around her little finger. Demands a man who can add value to her life but has the tendency to choose the wrong men. An absolute beauty in every way, fair in shades.

    There’s an earthiness about her character and something irresistibly unique about her. But her femme fatal attitude has gotten her into deep trouble this time.

    Donnie the Nerd (25)

    Chris’ cousin. A sleazy nerd, he would sell out his own mum. Very confident, arrogant character. Can hack his way into everything, but girls. Everyone finds him annoying.

    Alex Malinova (25)

    A natural beauty who leads a criminal life, simply because she’s born in the wrong family. She’s a good person, stuck in a bad situation, and she wants out. She leads a gang of misfits, together with her boyfriend Chris. One more gig is all they need.

    Mr. Malina (45)

    A gangster, but there’s some good in his eyes. His trained body and shiny face makes him look younger. Loves his daughter Alex to death, but sometimes doesn’t realize the bad father he is. Bad but good, fueled by an intense hate for his brothers, Rusty and The Man With The Shiny Shoes.



    Riggs (50)

    This officier aint tyical at all. His wrinkles proof his life has had more ups and downs than an average roller coaster. Turned him into a tough guy, someone you want in your team.

    A poker face but all that pain lies deep within his eyes. He hates corruption, so imagine what he feels about State 51. In his search for purpose he stumbles upon the case of Lila and Felice, and swears to save them.

    Chris (30)

    Alex’ Boyfriend: Ruggedly handsome. The quiet type. Ex stunt driver, who got on the wrong track. He lives in a world where good and bad intertwine, but consistently sticks to Harper Lee’s motto “Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit ’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird”. He has learned to control his alter ego Chaos Chris.

    Rusty (50)

    A sadistic prick that loves to torture. The typical villain with a twisted view on life and self-knowledge. Thinks he’s some kind of white knight, but ultimately the story is all about him. He enjoys being the caretaker and champion of an afflicted young woman.

    The woman is essentially a prop in his own story; she’s not a woman so much as a prize. Unfortunately, this time the prize is Lila.